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 corner shower enclosure

Corner Shower Enclosure

Are you building a new home, or remodeling your existing bathroom? You’ll likely need a corner shower enclosure. Thankfully, there are a variety of corner shower enclosure styles, sizes, materials and prices available to fit any requirement that you have. We’ve highlighted a couple corner shower enclosures on this page. Have a look!



Corner Shower Enclosures - Options

According to many experts, the most important room in the house after the kitchen is the bathroom, and that is why choices such as the type of corner shower enclosure are very important. Over the years, the shower has passed the bathtub in contemporary design choices and hence the amount of variety that can be seen in the market for corner shower enclosures.



When choosing a corner shower enclosure (also called a ‘corner shower stall’ or simply ‘corner shower units’), you need to take into account its fit with the other items in a bathroom. Obviously, if you’re looking for an old fashioned antique look, putting in a technologically advance corner shower enclosure is a bad idea.

There are many different types of corner shower enclosures, such as:

  • modular shower enclosures are perfect for an apartment or small house,
  • corner shower enclosures with bi-fold doors helps save space in your bathroom,
  • quadrant shower enclosures are great for houses that have spacious bathrooms.

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Quadrant shower enclosures are usually for the elite and come with a hefty price tag for its elaborate design, features, and materials.

There are also different shapes of corner shower enclosures to choose from. Again here, the choice of the shape should take into consideration the other bathroom fixtures and furnishings, and you should make sure the shower is not out of place.



Accurate measurements need to be taken to ensure a perfect fitting. The most preferred and common type of corner shower enclosure is the square shower enclosure. However, many designers find this shape too bland and dull. Other shapes include:

  • quadrant,
  • half moon,
  • quarter moon, and
  • pentagonal corner shower enclosures.  

Many designers seem to press for the quarter moon shower enclosures (or the square variants) as this saves a lot of space in your bathroom, while also looking stylish.


Above: Two videos on the installation of one specific model of shower enclosure.

corner shower   corner showers   shower enclosure   shower enclosures

There are also a variety of materials that are used for the corner shower stalls. Glass shower enclosures are by far the most common and most preferred variety. There are numerous varieties of the glass shower enclosure too, such as frosted glass, cut glass etc. The frosted glass ensures privacy, but nowadays there is an up and coming trend towards etched design glass for aesthetic reasons.



Picking the right corner shower enclosure for your home has the potential to greatly enhance or greatly damage the aesthetics and effectiveness of a bathroom. Choose wisely! 

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